eBooks and purchasing


In the ACT we have a person in the department who is responsible for purchasing e-books, audio books and other digital resources and placing them in the OLIVER system. She sends out weekly emails with her new acquisitions that we can choose to forward to staff if we wish. All teachers and students can access these resources through the digital backpack (by typing their email and a password) at any time. Given that we are in a well-off area, most students have access to a device at home. But it has been slow in take-up of this. I don’t know if this is because it has not been advertised well or people simply are prefering to read paper copies of texts.

One thing I would like to know, does anyone encourage teachers to access the ebooks or audio books in the classroom when reading to class groups? I have done this before, but have found most teachers are still reading from one paper copy to students. When I modelled this last year, one teacher used her kindle log on to read an ebook with her students and found it successful. I am a huge fan of audiobooks (giving the teacher a rest, letting the students hear another voice reading the text, as well as other benefits) do many teachers in your schools do this?

We don’t use text books so we haven’t considered e-textbooks, but they might be handy for maths if the can link to a notebook or spreadsheet application.


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