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ETL504 Digital literacies

Digital literacy learning is a constructivist process. Constructivist learning occurs when new information is built onto and added onto an individual’s current knowledge, understanding and skills. We learn best when we actively construct our understanding. Constructivist learning is active mental

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Module 3 positive collaboration projects ETL504

Thank you for sharing these readings Jennie. I really enjoyed them. I like these positive case examples of how a teacher librarian can collaborate with classroom teachers and can shed some light on a topic that classroom teachers might not

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module 3 ETL 504 leadership

Shellee Young RE: Task 1: Introduction: Leadership for Learning Collapse Total views: 2 (Your views: 2) Learning for Leadership (LFL) is quite difficult to define. Throughout my reading of the article Leadership for Learning (Swaffield & MacBeath, 2009) there were

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