Leading change

The four principles for an open world:
1. Collaboration – Involves teachers working together and exchanging information. It can also involve teachers attending various courses or PDs to expand on their knowledge.
2. Transparency – In today’s school environment this is generally don in an online model. Teachers place their unit outlines for public display. The teacher librarian can use this information to prepare units of work that builds on the classroom teacher’s work.
3. Sharing – Once, we were very protective of the units of work that we prepared and were generally unwilling to give this information to other teachers. As educators we need to think differently about our intellectual property and realise that there is a ‘greater good’ to be gained from sharing. One of the blogs I often go to for my studies here is the blog 500 hats: The Teacher librarian in the 21st century. (Braxton, 2015) The author of this blog is an experienced Teacher Librarian who shares anything and everything she knows about the profession. By her sharing, I have learnt so much that I can impart in another school. Everyone benefits. I hope to be able to do the same when I have my Teacher Librarian position to skill others and to raise the profile of teacher librarianship and student learning.
4. Empowerment – I think that this depends on the individual to be proactive. As a teacher librarian we need to be proactive and promote what we can do to help student achievement in schools.
Braxton, B. 2015. 500 Hats: The teacher librarian in the 21st century. Retrieved from http://500hats.edublogs.org/author/barbara288/

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