Summaries of my management style quizes

If you scored mostly C
Type Cs are the EARTH GREEN category. You lead by consensus and involve the team in a gentle consultative manner. You are quietly determined and get things done apparently without effort. In reality, this is not the case as you are always quietly working away for and on behalf of people. You find it easy to highlight other people’s strengths and spend a great deal of time 1-1 with your team members. But be careful, some people won’t notice you as you can be quite quiet except when someone treads on one of your values. Then you turn into some stubborn beast that no-one can believe is you. Sometimes involving other people in all your decisions can slow things down and other types (reds and yellows) will be driven nuts by this behaviour.
The leader in you You’re the calmest type of leader and you get results through empowering and supporting others. Your quiet determination engenders great loyalty and following. Sometimes you might need to speed up to be more effective and concentrate less on how you feel about decisions. Examples of leaders that use a lot of green energy are Sir Terry Leahy, Gandhi, Al Gore.

Your style of leadership is democratic, a.k.a. participative. It is considered as one of the most effective leadership styles in ideal situations. As the name suggests, democratic leaders consider the suggestions and opinions of group members and involve group members in the decision-making process. But they make sure that the final decision is taken by them while being in sync with the majority. This kind of leadership motivates the followers and encourages the group members to participate in the process. It ultimately improves the creativity and productivity of the members. It is one of the ideal leadership styles in an education system.
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The Management Leader
You’re on your way to the top. You’ve got the drive. You’re creative, assertive and empathetic. You have no problem bringing groups of people together, and you enjoy leading them to success. One of your best qualities is your ability to believe in your teammates without being too domineering. What you have to watch out for is your tendency to set overly high expectations of your employees and teammates. Try and be more grounded when faced with unexpected problems. Remember that people aren’t always going to do the job perfectly, so give them room to grow and learn.

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