The selection of resources

Libraries need a systematic way to perform selection. The ‘tools’ selectors use to help them discover what items are available for selection are referred to as ‘selection aids’. Within the collection development policy, the selection aids may include bibliographic tools, reviewing journals and publishers’ catalogues. They may also use library suppliers’ promotional literature, standing orders, bookshop and warehouse visits as well as suggestions from staff, teachers, students and the community. (Kennedy, 2006)

Selection aids may indicate what is available but it is still necessary to decide whether an item should be selected for the collection of a particular library. Many library collection development policies list of criteria that are used in making selection decisions. Some Australian states already have a recommended set of criteria. As yet there is not one made under the new Australian Curriculum. If Garran Primary School were to follow one of the existing selection criteria, the selection criteria as stated on the West Australian Department of Education website is a good set of criteria to follow. (Government of Western Australia, 2014) It is not only a general selection criteria model, but a specific selection criteria model. As the community is an educated, highly involved one, having two sets of criteria to pass through may mean fewer complaints.

Government of Western Australia. (2014) School library support: Managing and resourcing school libraries. Retrieved from

Kennedy, J. (2006) Collection Management : A concise introduction (Revised Edition). Wagga-Wagga: Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University 

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