Funding the collection

A well-resourced school library enhances teaching and learning outcomes. (ALIA, 2012) There are several models for budgeting procedure. One way to prepare a budget is a program budget, based on collection maintenance and development. In this model the budget request would be submitted to the school leadership team and considered with other budgets from the school. Another way is for the school leadership team to allocate an amount of money to the school library. In this model the TL does not have to develop a budget submission, but rather needs to develop a plan for recording expenditure. (ASLA, 2012)

Of these two models recommended by the Australian School Library Association (ASLA) the second model where the library has an annual budget would be best. This way the library can be more responsive to needs rather than having to wait for approval before a resource is purchased. If the library were to run out of funds before the end of the year it could reapply to the school for more funds. Alternatively there are other sources of income, such as applying for grants and requesting money from the Parent and Community (P&C) budget.


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ASLA. (2012) A manual for developing policies and procedures in Australian school library resource centres. Retrieved from


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