Copyright and its management in schools is an issue which involves all members of the teaching and administration staff as well as students. In Australia, copyright is governed by the Commonwealth Government’s Copyright Act 1968 so its implementation is the same across all areas of Australia. (Fitzgerald, 2014b) Given that Garran Primary’s parent community has large numbers of public servants (including many who work at Intellectual Property (IP) Australia – just down the road) these laws have to be strictly adhered to. The Smartcopying website (National Copyright Unit, 2014) has comprehensive information on how schools can interpret and manage their copyright obligations.  For example, photocopying by teachers of a reasonable portion of a text will be a fair dealing as long as it is for the purpose of ‘research or study’.Copyright is not infringed by a teacher or student performing, reading or reciting a literary work while giving or receiving educational instruction in a class.

All resources used by the school or contained in the library must comply with the copyright licences which cover Australian Schools. If the format of an item is shifted or an item needs labelling this will be done in accordance with the requirements. Where Creative Common items are available, the teacher will read the conditions and use these appropriately.

Fitzgerald, L. (2014b) Module 4: Legal and ethical issues in collections. Retrieved from

National Copyright Unit. (2014) Smartcopying : The official guide to copyright issues for Australian schools and TAFE. Retrieved from


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