Acquisition of resources

Acquisition is the process of obtaining what has been selected for inclusion in the collection. This process may be undertaken by support staff, however, the TL needs to have a clear overview of the process and be actively involved in developing an acquisitions process. A clear acquisitions process is laid out in the Australian School Library Association (ASLA) manual for developing policies. (ASLA, 2012) This manual recommends keeping a physical list of books ordered and accounting for them as they arrive.

The other significant role of the TL in acquisitions is the identification of appropriate suppliers for the resources that have been selected. Choosing the right suppliers can streamline the process for the school and the TL. Assistance in locating the appropriate suppliers can be found on the Trove database. (Trove, 2014) Once the resource is located, click on the buy button to find suggested suppliers for any items listed. Also, experience will tell a TL which suppliers are reliable, quick to deliver and sell for the best prices.

ASLA. (2012) A manual for developing policies and procedures in Australian school library resource centres. Retrieved from

National Library of Australia. (2014) Trove. Retrieved from


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