Using Library Search Engines

The topic this week was to become familiar with the university library search engines. How this differs from when I did my undergrad and grad dip is that we now have access to a lot more journals and ebooks.

In the notes it said to look up certain terms. I tried to follow the links on the essential viewing to see the online tutorials but these appeared to be broken. Going into the university’s library site, I found these links and watched the videos.

Primo search returned more hits than Ebsco Host. I liked that you could refine the search a lot more with EBSCO Host. I have used JStor (through the National Library) before and found this similar.

I found some very interesting articles. I saved these to the EBSCO Host folder I created. Very handy! I didn’t know about this. I even found some more articles by the same author as the reading from last week when I searched for Information Literacy and students.

As I am still setting up my blog, I used primosearch to look up any ebooks on WordPress and found some. I will use these and see if they have any tips.



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